The third book of the

"Stockholm Sleuth Series":


Still in work - will hopefully be published at the end of 2018 or early 2019.


Christina has for many years been living close to Stockholm together with her husband Patrik. All of a sudden Patrik disappears and Christina starts desperately finding him. When after six weeks she still has not got any signs about his whereabouts, she turns to the Private Investigators Lars und Elin and asks them for help. The two experienced sleuths soon believe that Patrik has gone lost by choice – it seems that he wanted to make a new start in his life, without Christina. Finally, Lars and Elin can discover a trail of Patrik and this leads them into the forests in Northern Sweden. They even manage to find Patrik, but unfortunately he is dead. The police believes it was an accident and discontinues their investigations. Christina, however, is not ready to accept this and engages Lars und Elin again. She wants them to dig into the background of Patrik’s death. Was it really an accident? Or did anybody play dirty and actually killed Patrik? And what is the role of the mysterious Natalia?

For Lars and Elin this assignment means a lot of tedious detective work and unfortunately every trail leads into a blind end. But then, this case takes an unexpected turn. Christina is faced with a decision that can have extraordinary consequences.


MURDER? is the third, standalone book from Christer Tholin’s Stockholm Sleuth Series.


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