Having grown up in the North of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, I studied biology and after that worked for 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry which led me to live in several European countries.

Today, I live together with my family in Stockholm, Sweden, our home of choice since many years back. I run my own company as a management consultant.


Already for ages I have been a great fan of crime stories and I read many of the Swedish crime series. Therefore, I had the desire to write my own crime story with my characters acting in Sweden. Already for a while I had a first idea for the plot, but first in 2015 I got the opportunity to take the time in order to make it come true. The result is my first book: "Vanished?", the start of the Stockholm Sleuth Series.

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July 2018

I want to thank all my readers who gave me feed-back on my first novel "Vanished?".


They all said they liked the book very much but many were not happy with the English translation. Therefore, I had the whole text edited and partially retranslated by Doreen Zeitvogel who also translated my second book "Secrets?".

The result is a second edition which I am confident will meet the expectations of all English readers - available now on Amazon.


October 2017

The sequel to "VANISHED?" is now available in English on Amazon: "SECRETS?"


September 2017

I have started to write the third book in the series: "MURDER?" .

We meet again with Liv and Martin who provide a new case to Elin and Lars.


August 2017

My second book can be ordered at Amazon (in German): "GEHEIMNISSE?" - a novella with focus on Elin.


May 2017

The English version of my book is now published: "VANISHED?" is available on Amazon.


March 2016

My first book was published in German language with the title: "Verschwunden?"


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